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Sayers Classical Academy (SCA) has a

7-step application process.


Family Enrollment Completion / Date

Returning Re-enrollment / Before July 1st **         

New New Application / Before July 25th **

** Late enrollment may be considered based upon

individual grade capacity, student testing needs,

and availability of required parent trainings. Please

inquire about late enrollment availability.

Returning families will take priority over new families.​​

Step 1- Pros Fam Meet

Families Meeting


Both parents are required to attend a Prospective

Families Meeting and discover SCA before a new

student application may be submitted. Our

meetings give parents an opportunity to learn

about SCA's:

  • History

  • Philosophy

  • Curriculum

  • Ask additional questions

We look forward to seeing you!


  • Monthly beginning in October

  • Begins promptly at 7:00 pm

  • Designated for parents only


SCA strongly encourages parents to schedule a

tour and classroom visit. Visits are for parents only

and must be scheduled at least one week in


Apply Online


Once you’ve completed Step 1, you may submit

New Student Application Packet for each

student. This will include a short answer section

for the father, mother and each student that is

entering grade 6 or higher. If your application is

accepted, you will be notified by the

Administrative Office to proceed to step 3.

Ensure you have read and agree with

our Community Agreements prior to


There is a $21.00 per student fee.

Book Study


Please come to the SCA Office to submit your $75

new family application fee and receive:

Perrin - 44 pages

Quine -159 pages

  • Father’s study guide for LUHR

  • Mother’s study guide for LUHR

  • “Pulling It All Together” worksheet for LUHR

Both parents need to:

  • read both books listed above

  • complete LUHR study guides

  • return completed “Pulling it All Together”

LUHR worksheet

There is a $75.00 new family application fee.

After SCA reviews your responses, notification will

be sent regarding eligibility to proceed to step 4.


Online enrollment occurs through RenWeb’s

ParentsWeb. This is SCA’s private and secure

parents’ portal which allows you to view academic

and financial information specific to your student.


The enrollment fee is collected online at the time

of enrollment.


After enrolling new families will schedule an

enrollment conference. They will meet with an

enrollment counselor to complete their enrollment

process. Returning families may pickup their

enrollment packet from the office.

  • Sign enrollment documents

  • Complete enrollment packet

  • 50% of tuition due upon enrollment,

      payment options available for

      remaining tuition

Family Interview
6th - 12th Grade

Family interviews are with the Director. Both

parents are required to attend accompanied by

the student. Families with students in other grades

may also be invited for an interview if deemed


Placement Tests
5th Grade & Up

Placement tests are required for math and Latin

(for students with prior Latin studies). Please

schedule testing appointments with the

Administrative Office. During this appointment,

you may also submit any documentation of the

student’s academic history.

Training & Testing

Parents are required to attend*** SCA trainings

based upon the grade level of their student(s).

This ensures teaching methodology is consistent

at home and onsite.


Grade Parent Training

All Grade Specific Parent Orientation

K - 4 Phonogram Training

K - 4 Spelling Training

5 - 8 Binder Training

5 - 8 Geography Latitude/Longitude Training

9 - 12 First Year Foundations



Parents are required to attend*** the following with

their student.


Grade Students

1 - 4 Student Phonogram Proficiency Test (before

fall classes begin)

1 - 8 Student Picnics

9 - 12 First Year Foundations Training

*** Specific dates for all training, testing, and

orientations will be sent via email after parents

have fully completed all steps of the admissions


Christmas Concert
Lux Aurumque
SCA High School & Middle School Choir
Step 2- Apply Online
Sayers Players Drama
The Lame Escape
Written and Performed by
Sayers Players Drama Society
Step 3- Book Study
Step 4- Enrollment
Step 5- Family Interview
Step 6- Placement Tests
Step 7- Training & Testing
Sunset Reading
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