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"Sayers Classical Academy partners with parents to lead their children into adulthood by example, instruction, and a wealth of knowledge that produces wisdom when combined with life experiences and practiced through Biblical Truth."



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Why Sayers Classical Academy

  • A Biblical Worldview

  • It is parent led, not child driven.

  • It is language-intensive, not image focused.

  • It demands that students use and understand words, not video images.

  • It is history-intensive, providing students with a comprehensive view of human endeavor from the beginning until now.

  • It trains the mind to analyze and draw conclusions.

  • It demands self-discipline.


Two Promises

Giving a Legacy

“A proper classical Christian education is a gift your child will open for the rest of their lives.


I make two promises.

To The Parent

You will get more for your money than you paid for.


​To The Student

I promise I will not waste your youth.”

- Sandra Lawson, Founder


We are honored

You are considering Sayers Classical Academy

If the Sayers Classical Academy (SCA) community resonates with the desires and goals you have for your children, please continue in our Application Process and attend a Prospective Families Meeting.

SCA is never seeking new students. Instead, SCA seeks like-minded parents with a long-term vision for the value of a genuinely rigorous Classical Christian Education and holds a firm conviction to be fundamentally involved in the process.

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